Special Exhibition 1F

From Ukiyo-e to Photography:Cultural Awakening in Japan's Visual Field


From Ukiyo-e to Photography:Cultural Awakening in Japan’s Visual Field
Oct 10 (Sat)- Dec 6 (Sun)



Works of ukiyo-e created from the end of Edo Period to Meiji Era (the late 19th century) often hinted that people at that time had an interest in photography. Photography has taken various ways of expression form ukiyo-e, lithographs and other paintings. Then,fascinating works that crossed over the genres of painting and photography were created. From these works, viewers can find the creators’ strong curiosity and passion to obtain techniques of new expressions. The tradition that proceeded from Edo Period has also been seen in those works at the same time. This exhibition tries to clarify part of the modernization of Japanese culture by introducing ukiyo-e and  other paintings and photography that developed diverse expressions in the late 19th century in Japan. Visitors also enjoyed unique works created that were peculiar to this era.


Adults: ¥1,350
College and vocational students: ¥1,080
Elementary,Junior High and High school students,and seniors(65 and over): ¥680


■Closed: Mon(Open on Oct 12, Nov 23), Oct 13 Tue , Nov 24 Tue


Mount Fuji, late 19th-early 20th centuries(Meiji Era) Private collection.