Special Exhibition 1F

2016 NHK Historical Drama Special Exhibition

Sanada Maru


Sanada Nobushige(Yukimura) was a warlord who had an active role at a final battle between the Toyotomis and the Tokugawas in Osaka Castle. He built a small fortress called Sanadamaru in the southeast of Osaka Castle during the battle and intercepted the Tokugawa forces in the offensive and defensive battle in winter 1614. In summer 1615, his small army fought up against the Tokugawas. In time it is said that he sent Tokugawa Ieyasu over the edge and made him prepare for death. This exhibition displays the works of Nobushige and various historical materials, focusing on his active part in the battle of Osaka Castle. Hereby the years when Nobushige was alive is being highlighted.



College and vocational students:¥1,080 
High school students and seniors(65 and over):¥680


Mon(Open on May2, 16)



Sanada Nobushige, Edo period(1603-1868)
Courtesy of Koyasan Rengejoin