Feature Exhibition 5F

Everyday Life in 18th Century Seoul—The World of Yu Man-ju’s Diary

Yu Man-ju, born in 1755 when the modern-day city of Seoul was known as Hanyang, consistently kept a journal for around 13 years from January 1, 1775, when he was 21 years old, until just before his death on December 14, 1787. Yu Man-ju titled his journal Heumyong, and in it he meticulously recorded not only daily events as they unfolded, but also his inner conflicts. Among all the precious diary entries left by Yu Man-ju, this exhibition focuses on the year 1784; through his life, it offers a glimpse of scenes from Hanyang and the daily lives of those living there.


Exhibition period: Tuesday, October 22 (public holiday) to Sunday, December 1, 2019

Days Closed: Monday, October 28 / Tuesday, November 5 / Monday, November 11 / Monday, November 18 / Monday, November 25

Location: Edo-Tokyo Museum, Permanent Exhibition, 5th Floor Feature Exhibition Room

* Permanent exhibition admission fee applies.