Edohaku Traditional Theater Arts

Past Event

Traditional performing art - Edo-Tokyo Museum Variety Show -

The “Edo-Tokyo Museum Variety Show” (Edo-haku yose) is held during special holiday seasons.

At this time of year, we organize “Traditional performing art” which includes workshop of Japanese traditional musical instrument and Rakugo talk. Let’s enjoy together!

The schedule and content of the shows are as follows.

※An English interpreter enters a part of some programs.


【Admission】 Free ※Admission fee is charged for permanent exhibition
【Venue】 In front of Nakamura-za kabuki theater, Edo-Tokyo Museum 5F permanent exhibition area


■ Kappore

Kappore is the dance that was popular among the common people in the Meiji era from the late Edo period.

※With an English interpreter

Date and Time: Sat. Nov. 9
①11:30〜12:00, ②13:30〜14:00


■ Shinnai

Shinnai is a performance of sentimental Japanese “joruri” ballad drama.

※with English interpreter

Date and Time: Sun. Nov. 10
①11:30〜12:00, ②13:30〜14:00


■ Workshop of Japanese traditional musical instrument  wagakki_workshop
Date and Time: Wed. Nov. 6 and Tue. Nov. 12

 ①11:30〜12:00, ②13:30〜14:00


■ Workshop of Rakugo talk  sanyutei_kintoki sanyutei_tokin sanyutei_kinya
Date and Time: Thu. Nov. 7 and Fri. Nov. 8
 ①11:30〜12:00, ②13:30〜14:00