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“Red Leaves Variety Show” (Momiji Yose) - Edo-Tokyo Museum Variety Show -

The “Edo-Tokyo Museum Variety Show” (Edo-haku yose) is held during special holiday seasons.

At this time of year, we organize “Red Leaves Variety Show” (Momiji yose) which includes dance, acrobatics and other traditional performing arts that everyone from adults to kids can enjoy. We hope you will enjoy it.

The schedule and content of the shows are as follows.

※An English interpreter enters a part of some programs.


【Admission】 Free ※Admission fee is charged for permanent exhibition
【Venue】 In front of Nakamura-za kabuki theater, Edo-Tokyo Museum 5F permanent exhibition area


■ Kappore

Kappore is the dance that was popular among the common people in the Meiji era from the late Edo period.

※With an English interpreter

Date and Time: Sat. Sep. 14, Sat. Oct 12
①11:30〜12:00, ②13:30〜14:00


■ Daikagura Daikagura is traditional Japanese acrobatics.
Date and Time: ①11:45〜12:00, ②13:45〜14:00 on Mon. Sept. 9, Sun. Sep. 15, Sun. Sep. 22
①11:30~11:45, ②13:30~13:45 on Sun. Oct. 13


■ Shinnai Shinnai is a performance of sentimental Japanese “joruri” ballad drama.
Date and Time: Mon. Sep. 23
①11:30〜12:00, ②13:30〜14:00


■ Juggling  007_Juggling_Straight-Matsuura
Date and Time:  Sun. Sep. 8
 ①11:45〜12:00, ②13:45〜14:00


■ Mimicry of the animal  003_Mimicry_Edoya-Manekineko
Date and Time:  Mon. Sep. 16
 ①11:45〜12:00, ②13:45〜14:00


■ Paper cutting  Kamikiri is traditional Japanese paper cutting. Kamikiri is an improvised art which a performer creates only by a sheet of paper and scissors, according to audience’s requests. In this program, you will cut the paper based on some themes. You can take the paper cutout home after you finish it.
Date and Time:  Mon. Sep. 9, Sun. Sep. 15
 ①11:30〜11:45, ②13:30〜13:45


■ Rakugo talk  三遊亭金朝
Date and Time: Sun. Oct. 13, Mon. Oct. 14
 ①11:45〜12:15, ②13:45〜14:15


■ Zokkyoku  桧⼭うめ吉
Date and Time: Sun. Sep. 8, Mon. Sep. 16, Sun. Sep. 22, Mon. Oct. 14
 ①11:30〜11:45, ②13:30〜13:45


■ Kiyari  Kiyari is workman’s chant while carrying heavy logs.
Performed by EDO Firemanship Preservation Association, Inc.
木遣り 梯子乗り
Date and Time: Tue. Oct. 1
 ①11:30~12:00, ②13:30〜14:00


※The program contents may be subject to change without notice.